Mandurah Station Multi-Storey Car Park
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  • Why is a multi-storey car park being built at Mandurah Station?

    More than 70 per cent of Mandurah Station passengers currently access the station by car, with the existing car park reaching 90 per cent capacity by around 9am on weekdays. The new multi-storey car park, along with a new station at Lakelands and planning for another at Karnup, will future-proof access to the public transport network for communities in these areas, as well as for those in the wider Peel region. 

  • How will passenger parking be managed during construction?

    The northern station car park, where the new multi-storey facility will be built, will be closed during construction. Prior to the closure, a temporary passenger car park will be established in the vacant block of land bordered by Morfitt Street and Galgoyl Road.

    The temporary car park will not offset all of the bays to be closed during construction, so passengers will be encouraged to find alternative means of accessing the station where possible (e.g. by bus, getting dropped off, carpooling, cycling or walking).   

    Passengers will be notified well in advance of the car park closure, along with information about specific Transperth bus routes servicing the surrounding suburbs.  

  • How will impacts to nearby residents and businesses be managed during construction?

    Impacts will be minimised as much as possible and nearby residents and businesses notified about potential construction impacts as they are known. 

    As per standard practice, nearby residents and businesses will be offered pre-condition surveys of their properties prior to construction starting. 

  • Will the multi-storey car park be staffed and what security measures will be in place?

    The car park will not be permanently staffed during operating hours; however, it will be fitted with CCTV cameras (throughout) and duress buttons (outside lifts), and will be regularly patrolled as part of the wider network surveillance. The open top level will maximise natural light during the day, while the car park will be fully lit at night. 

    Vehicle entry and exit points will be automatically closed each day following the last train service, although cars will still be able to exit the car park.  

  • Why can’t the multi-storey car park be built closer to Allnut Street / the station entrance?

    The northern-most station car park is the most suitable area to accommodate a multi-storey car park of the size planned. The location also leaves the space closest to the station entrance free for potential future development.

  • What changes will be made to cater for the increased traffic accessing the car park?

    The existing roundabout at the intersection of Galgoyl Road and Morfitt Street will be modified to provide access to the new car park. No other road changes are anticipated.

  • Will there be a covered walkway between the new multi-storey car park and station entrance?

    Most of the distance between the new multi-storey car park and station entrance is already sheltered, since passengers will walk through the existing bus interchange to access the station. There is no plan to install shelters over the short pedestrian connection between the new car park and the bus interchange.

  • What measures will be in place for passengers with increased accessibility needs?

    The new multi-storey car park will be fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and will include lifts and accessible car parking bays. The pedestrian connection between the car park and station entrance will also be compliant with DDA standards.

  • Will the new multi-storey car park have toilets?

    No, the new car park will not have toilets. Toilet facilities, including an accessible toilet, are located at the station entrance.      

  • How much will it cost to use the new multi-storey car park?

    Use of the new multi-storey car park will cost the same as parking at any other Transperth station, which is currently charged at $2 per 24hr period or part thereof.

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