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Morley Ellenbrook Line

  • General Project

  • A line to Ellenbrook has been talked about for years, why is this taking so long?

    The funding required to complete the detailed analysis and planning work on a train line to Ellenbrook was only available after METRONET was formed. The team were starting from largely a clean slate and good planning asks a lot of questions and considers as many options as possible to ensure the best solution is ultimately achieved for the project. To best do this, significant analysis and investigation work must be completed and independently reviewed. A number of assessments will be happening at the same time, while the team consults with relevant stakeholders.

  • What is the purpose of the Business Case for the Morley-Ellenbrook Line?

    Development of business cases is a key part of the decision making process for major projects under the WA Government’s Strategic Asset Management Framework, ensuring government invests in projects of merit. In addition, as the State Government is seeking Federal funding for the project, we are also following Infrastructure Australia’s Assessment Framework. These processes include developing and submitting a business case which has assessed a range of strategic options, including a variety of modes and route alignments, to determine the benefits versus the costs and deliver the best available solution to the community and the State. It is also best practice to investigate and identify risks that will need to be managed during the design, construction and operation stages.

  • Where exactly will the future stations be located?

    Other than Ellenbrook Station, which has been a part of the development plan for the area for a long time, the exact locations of the potential stations are still being considered. The team will assess all areas between Perth and Ellenbrook based on what engineering solutions can be achieved, as well as land use planning considering current and future developments and the broader character or use of the area. For example, in Whiteman, not only does it have the tourist element of Whiteman Park, there are also two new developments in the area at Dayton and Brabham. The station’s exact location will need to consider how to best cater for each of these needs.

  • Why not consider an underground rail line from Perth to Ellenbrook via Mt Lawley and Morley?

    During the Business Case phase a number of alignments and modes will be considered to ensure the best overall outcome for the community is identified and progressed to concept planning during the project definition phase. While the options analysis assesses an underground rail line from Perth via Mt Lawley as one of the potential solutions, its affordability will likely be a challenge.

  • When will construction begin on the Morley-Ellenbrook Line?

    A number of construction activities are underway already for the Morley-Ellenbrook Line. As part of the New Lord Street project, a telecommunications mast was removed at Ellenbrook to make way for the future station and field surveys and traffic studies are also underway

  • Will passengers on the Morley-Ellenbrook Line have to transfer at Bayswater Station to continue onto Perth?

    Making public transport as easy and seamless as possible for passengers is a priority for the rail planning team. This is at the forefront of the operational planning for the Morley-Ellenbrook Line. However the complex track layout at Bayswater Station and the signalling and line capacity between Bayswater and Perth stations must also be considered in more detail during this planning phase. Final details of how the Morley-Ellenbrook Line will operate will be known after the project definition phase.

  • What is a station precinct?

    Station precincts are broadly defined as the area within one kilometre (a 10 to 15-minute walk) from the station. The size and features of each station precinct will be identified and planned in the next two years. This planning will consider a variety of uses, density and amenities for each precinct, taking into consideration local character, topography, areas of focus and existing facilities.

  • Who is involved in planning, designing and delivering the precinct area around each station?

    The METRONET Station Precincts team will be involved in the planning and designing of each station precinct. How it will be delivered will differ depending on whether there are private developers in the area and the status of local government planning. A Private Sector Reference Group will provide industry advice on the precinct plans, such as development timeframes, density and innovative land-use outcomes.

  • What job and construction opportunities are there?

    Until the design and location of the line is finalised, construction contracts cannot be determined. All information will be on TendersWA as they develop and progress.

  • What development opportunities are there?

    Private developer opportunities are still being considered. Industry will be engaged throughout the planning process to feed into identifying what these opportunities may be

  • Why doesn’t the proposed line run along Reid Highway?

    Having this section of the Morley-Ellenbrook Line running to the north of Marshall Road allows space for a large transfer station at Malaga and provides greater opportunities for precinct and land-use development within Government owned land.  Connecting to Reid Highway from Tonkin Highway would also be technically very challenging due to the new NorthLink interchange.

  • How can I be involved?

    We welcome the community’s input and throughout the project there will be formal opportunities to feed into the planning. You can also provide feedback at any stage of the project through our dedicated email or by calling 9326 3666. For more information and to register for project updates, visit us online at

Page last updated: 06/02/2019