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METRONET Launches Sustainability Strategy

  • 24 October 2019

We all have a role to play in meeting the needs of today without compromising the future.

METRONET inherently does that for Perth’s growth by providing more sustainable travel options, offering job opportunities now and supporting future compact communities and employment centres.

To further maximise these positive environmental, social and economic outcomes METRONET has prepared a Sustainability Strategy to guide the public and private sector in delivering transport infrastructure and its surrounding precincts.

The Strategy was released today to coincide with the Department of Environmental and Water Regulation’s (DWER) Waterwise Perth Action Plan, which aims to increase water efficiency and use water sensitive design.

As sustainability is more than just the local environment, the METRONET Sustainability Strategy has four target areas of People and Place, Economy, Environment and Governance.  

METRONET projects will support:

  • Delivery of high quality, place-integrated transport infrastructure
  • Development of sustainable station precincts
  • Enabling a positive change in how people live, work, and travel across Perth
  • Greater use of public transport as a sustainable travel option
  • The key sustainability concepts and vision for Perth and Peel@3.5million
  • Relevant targets set out in ‘Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity’

Visit our Sustainability page to find out more about our strategy, its targets and initiatives.

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