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The story behind the Gnarla Biddi design

  • 21 January 2019
  • Author: Amber
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The story behind the Gnarla Biddi design

Gnarla Biddi is Noongar for ‘Our Pathways’.

In working with Dr Richard Walley to shape the METRONET Gnarla Biddi Strategy, Dr Walley helped create a design that would reflect the interconnected nature of Perth’s historic Noongar network and the current rail network.

Dr Walley says:

Since the Koondarm (our creation) our ancestral pathways have guided us through Noongar Boojar (our land) from significant place to significant place; from one water body to another.

Now we work together to strengthen Gnarla Biddi (our pathways) the way that people travel and connect to places, still linked to our shared history and culture.

View our Gnarla Biddi Engagement Strategy here. 


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