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Good design guides great places

  • 18 February 2019

The highly anticipated first stage of Design WA was released today, which aims to ensure good design is at the heart of all development, from concept stage to project development.

Design WA shifts the building design away from a compliance focus towards an outcomes-orientated approach to creating vibrant, liveable communities.

This first stage includes policies addressing the Principles of Good Design, an Apartments Guide; and a guide for good practice in Design Review. The release is the initial step in shifting the State’s planning approvals process from the current compliance focus to an outcomes-based approach that requires good design to support development of vibrant, liveable communities.

Design WA will reinforce METRONET’s approach to integrated transport and land use planning, and help turn the 5,000 hectares of land in METRONET station precincts into desirable places for investment in housing, jobs and services

The benefits of a more compact community around high quality public transport area numerous. It is a more sustainable way for a city to grow and can protect neighbouring suburban areas from pressure to meet infill housing targets.

Importantly, more people living near a train station helps support local services and businesses in the area, bringing more investment and employment opportunities to the community.

But having apartments for the sake of apartments is not a great outcome for the community – that’s where good building design creates great places to live. And Design WA will help guide that good design.




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