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Public Transport holds the key for apartment buyers

  • 19 May 2019

A national survey of over 3,300 apartment owners and occupiers has found that more than half bought their apartment because it was close to public transport. 

Specific to WA, the survey, conducted by WA Apartment Advocacy on behalf of the Department of Communities, found 75 per cent of respondents lived in apartments close to public transport, 70 per cent near parks, 66 per cent in walking distance to cafes and restaurants, and 63 per cent were close to shops.

It is evident a shift toward people choosing to live in higher density housing in well-connected locations is in progress. As the Perth housing market continues to mature and land availability becomes more constrained, more people will continue to choose to live in apartments or smaller lot housing in high amenity locations.

METRONET’s vision of a well-connected Perth with more transport, housing and employment choices will help positively change how people live and travel in Perth and address the demand for housing diversity.

The principle of thoughtful density in the right forms and in the right location is at the forefront of the State Governments priority of increasing the number of homes around train stations by 45%.

This is supported through METRONET projects and is reflective of what current and future WA apartment owners are seeking.

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