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METRONET to make past planning a reality

  • 24 October 2018

As Perth’s north-west suburbs grow to accommodate our population, you may think extending the rail network to Yanchep was only recently planned.

But it was in 1970 that the The Corridor Plan first recognised extending Perth to the Yanchep-Two Rocks area was an attractive future option due to the lifestyle the area offers. 

Since then, various growth strategies to incorporate passenger rail into these areas have been developed including in 1977 when Alkimos first came onto the radar. Plans continued to evolve and over time they have progressively sought to encourage a higher-density and more compact urban form around transport hubs.

The same occurred along the Thornlie-Cockburn Link alignment. In 2000, the project was first proposed in the South West Metropolitan Railway Master Plan, with a spur from the Armadale Line delivered as part of the New Metro Rail project.

Thornlie Station was built with the future in mind, so the passenger rail could be extended to eventually connect to the Mandurah Line.

Now after almost forty years, METRONET will make the plans of the past a reality to support growth, connect people and provide vibrant communities for people to live, work and play.  

If you haven’t taken a look yet, view our flythrough of the Yanchep Rail Extension and see how things are set to change.


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