Construction Bayswater Station


While the extent and timing of construction activities will be confirmed as the project progresses, the following potential impacts are anticipated:

  • Short term passenger disruptions due to temporary line and station closures, with replacement buses operating
  • Road closures and detours
  • Temporary pedestrian and cyclist detours while realigning the shared path
  • Noise and vibration associated with construction activities. Some construction activity is expected to take place outside of standard hours.

Construction is due to begin late-2020. 

All potential construction impacts will be clearly communicated to affected stakeholders as the project progresses.

Site Compound Establishment (October – Late 2021)

A project office in the Bayswater town centre will be opening. Evolve Bayswater locating the project team here will encourage support of local businesses.

A satellite compound will also be established at the western end of the Whatley Crescent car park, within the rail reserve.  

Works will include the installation of several small demountable buildings and fencing for use by construction workers. For the safety of passengers and construction workers, sections of the Whatley Crescent passenger car park (city side) will be closed to enable the safe movement of vehicles to and from the location.

The compound will be accessed during the project’s approved working hours, Monday – Saturday 7am - 7pm. It may be used during after-hours works, with additional notification provided in advance of such works. The compound building will be orientated to minimise the impact on adjacent residents and printed mesh will be used to reduce the visual impact.


Impacts to parking

Passenger car park changes and closures (From October 2020)

Changes to the Whatley Crescent parking at Bayswater Station are required for site preparation.

  • From October 19, 2020 there will be partial closures of passenger car parks at Bayswater Station.
  • From November 20, 2020 the western Whatley Crescent car park will be permanently closed.
  • From January 4, 2021 the eastern Whatley Crescent car park will be permanently closed.

The car park on Railway Parade is still open for use and additional car parking has been added at Meltham and Ashfield stations, with free parking available at Ashfield Station until the new Bayswater Station opens.

Town Centre Parking (From January 2021)

Changes to Whatley Crescent, between Hamilton and King William streets 

From January 4, 2021 on-street car parking on Whatley Crescent closest to the station  will be removed.

Whatley Crescent will also be reduced to one-way only (city-bound), with access via Hamilton and Olfe streets.

Visitors to the Bayswater town centre can park in the City of Bayswater Coode Street car park (5 hours) or at various on-street timed parking in the town centre. Additional car parking bays will be built in the town centre as part of the project.

Please note dates are subject to change, please refer to signage in case of any changes.

Preparatory works

Project area from Hamilton Street to Meltham Street (October – December 2020)

With main construction starting soon, on the ground activity is ramping up around Bayswater Station. Community members will notice the following works taking place across the work area from Hamilton Street to Meltham Street:

  • The removal of vegetation along Whatley Crescent within the rail reserve. This is required to make room for the new station and tracks. Works will start from October 26. Tree timbers will be recycled and new landscaping planted towards the end of the project.
  • Establishing site compounds and a project office in the Bayswater town centre
  • Relocating the train replacement bus stop from Whatley Crescent to Railway Parade.
  • In late November the existing bike shelter will be removed and a temporary bike lockers will be installed in the Railway Parade car park.
  • Car park changes and closures

Works will have limited impact on residents, however temporary traffic management may be installed at short notice.

Whatley Crescent impacts

Changes to Whatley Crescent (From January 4, 2021)

From 4 January, a phased closure of Whatley Crescent between King William and Hamilton Streets will allow for the new Whatley Crescent–Beechboro Road South alignment to be constructed. In the first phase, Whatley Crescent will be reduced to one-way only (travelling towards the CBD). In early 2021 this section of Whatley Crescent will permanently close. Additional notifications will be provided once the closure date is confirmed.

Access to Whatley Crescent residences east of Hamilton Street will be via Olfe street, Slade Street, Anzac Street and Newton Street.

Signage will be installed on King William Street and Hamilton Street advising of the changes.

Installation of traffic management to facilitate the detour of the principal shared path onto Whatley Crescent will also be in place. 

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