Construction Bayswater Station

Construction impacts

Main construction works have now begun. The extent and timing of construction activities will be confirmed as the project progresses and the following potential impacts are anticipated:

  • Short term passenger disruptions due to temporary line and station closures, with replacement buses operating
  • Road closures and detours
  • Temporary pedestrian and cyclist detours while realigning the shared path
  • Noise and vibration associated with construction activities. Some construction activity is expected to take place outside of standard hours.

All potential construction impacts will be clearly communicated to affected stakeholders as the project progresses.

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Project office

A project office is open in Bayswater town centre at the former bank building. We’ve located our project team here to encourage support of local businesses.

Impacts to parking

Passenger parking 

Bayswater Station passenger car parks on Whatley Crescent have now permanently closed.  The passenger car park on Railway Parade is still open 

Additional parking has been added at Meltham and Ashfield stations. Parking at Ashfield Station is free until the new Bayswater Station opens.

Shopper parking

Whatley Crescent between King William and Hamilton streets has been reduced to one-way only (city-bound) and most on-street parking on has now been removed. 

Visitors to the town centre can park in the City of Bayswater Coode Street car park (5 hours) or at various on-street timed parking in the town centre. Additional car parking bays will be built in the town centre as part of the project.

For information about getting around the town centre, visit our access during construction page.

Access during construction

With action ramping up in Bayswater, regular questions include ‘how do I get around?’ and ‘how do I get to the station during construction?’ Our team is constantly talking to local business owners and the City of Bayswater to investigate ways to improve parking and access to the town centre.

How to get around:

1. Shared-path detour

Changes to the shared path are required to create space to build the new Bayswater Station. Cyclists and pedestrians have been detoured from the Principle Shared Path (PSP) along Whatley Crescent from Hamilton to Leake streets.

The shared path detour reconnects with the principle shared path at Leake Street to the west and Newton Street to the east (near Tonkin Highway). For a safe crossing at King William Street, traffic signalling upgrades are in place.

Pedestrians are also able to use the footpath along the other side of Whatley Crescent. 

2. Access to Bayswater Station

Access to the station is still available via the underpass from Railway Parade or from either side by using the level crossing opposite Slade Street.

3. Visit local businesses

Local businesses on Whatley Crescent are still fully accessible to pedestrians and access for vehicles continues via Olfe Street. Town Centre parking options include Hamilton, King William, Olfe or Murray streets. Parking bays have been line marked on King William Street to make parking in the town centre easier. Remember to check signage for restrictions.

4. New bus bays to keep you moving

During construction, train services on the Midland Line will sometimes be disrupted while works take place. The new bus bays installed last year on Railway Parade will be used to service passengers when trains are not running. Bus Route 48 departs from this stop on weekdays.

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Impacts to local roads

Traffic signalling changes 

Whatley Crescent and King William intersection 

Due to the newly opened Principal Shared Path detour and construction works, the timing and sequencing of traffic signals at this intersection have changed.  

This has significantly reduced the traffic handling capacity of the intersection and has increased congestion. Road users are experiencing delays while travelling through the area, and you may need to allow additional time or seek an alternative route where possible.

Changes to the overall road network as part of the new Bayswater Station project aim to make the town centre more pedestrian friendly, which aligns with the City of Bayswater vision for the area. 

Permanent closure of Whatley Crescent (April 2021)

In April 2021 Whatley Crescent between King William and Hamilton streets will permanently close to vehicles but remain open for pedestrians and cyclists.

This section of road is closing to allow for the realignment of Whatley Crescent and Beechboro Road South. The new, lowered road configuration will open in 2022, creating a direct connection between the north and south of the station.

Once closed, access to Whatley Crescent residences east of Hamilton Street will be via Olfe Street, Slade Street, Anzac Street and Newton Street. The principal shared path (PSP) detour and pedestrian access will be available for the duration of these works.  

Changes to Bus Route 48 (from 3 January 2021)

From 3 January, a small number of Route 48 bus trips from Bayswater Station to Morley Bus Station will be deviated due to road closures associated with Bayswater Station Upgrade works.

This deviation affects buses departing Bayswater Station, Monday to Friday at

  • 7:30am
  • 9:30am
  • 11:30am and;
  • 1:30pm

To minimise traffic disruption, certain trips will undertake a short deviation through Bayswater town centre: from Railway Parade, the bus will turn left onto Coode Street, then right onto Whatley Crescent before looping back towards Coode Street via Veitch, Murray and King William Streets.

Services will return to normal once the upgraded bus facilities are constructed as part of the project.

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Night Works

Western Power nightworks (8 March)

Western Power will undertake night works to remove infrastructure on Monday 8 March between 5pm and 7am. Power outages may be required and notifications will be sent in advance to impacted properties. All works will follow approved Traffic Management Plans.

Current works

Utility services works (January – June 2021)

TTo enable construction of the new station several major utility services (telecommunications, electricity and sewerage) are being relocated.

This may include works by service providers in local streets. All works will follow approved Traffic Management Plans. To minimise the impact on local residents, the majority of works will be completed during the day. If your home services are impacted, you will be notified in advance with the time and date of the service disruption.

Residents will be notified in advance of any planned after-hours works.

Sheet Piling and Excavation (February – May 2021)

Works have begun to prepare the site for construction. This involves removing infrastructure and materials from site including the former passenger car parks and installing sheet piling.

Sheet piling involves the installation of temporary metal barriers in the ground to protect the existing station and rail infrastructure while the surrounding ground level is lowered.

Residents and businesses may be impacted by vibration, noise and dust associated with the installation of sheet piles and machinery on site. Trucks will also be entering and exiting the site often.

Approved noise and vibration management plans are in place and monitors have been set around the worksite. Watercarts will be used for dust suppression.

Principal Shared Path detours

Closure of PSP between Leake and Slade streets (Late January - mid-2022). 

As part of the new Bayswater Station project, the principal shared path (PSP) between Garratt Road and Slade Street will be upgraded and realigned. To facilitate this a series of phased PSP detours will be required

The first phase will see the PSP between Leake Street and Slade Street close in late January 2021 to ensure the safety of cyclists, pedestrians, road users and our workforce while works are taking place. The detour will link with the existing PSP detour managed by the Forrestfield – Airport Link Project on Whatley Crescent (see map below). 

A number of options have been carefully considered to maintain the east – west route for PSP users during construction of the new station. Signed detours through the local street network will be in place for the duration of the closure.Temporary signs showing detour route maps will also be located at strategic locations along the detour route.

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