Works Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal


 Standard work hours are Monday to Saturday, 7am to 7pm, and any out-of-hours works are indicated below. All works will follow approved noise and traffic management plans, and every effort will be made to minimise impacts. For questions about project works, please email or call 9326 3666.

Denny Avenue Intersection Closed (27 July – November 2021)

To tie-in the new water main at the intersection of Denny Avenue and Albany Highway, there will be no access to Denny Avenue from Albany Highway.

Works will include underground services, road asphalting, footpaths, kerbing, and landscaping works.

Access to Streich Avenue (near Kelmscott Station) from Albany Highway will be reinstated to access local businesses and the underpass (eastbound traffic only).

Albany Highway (May-December 2021)

Albany Highway has been reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction on the eastern side of Albany Highway. This is to allow for the following works:

• Water main replacement works on the western side of Albany Highway from Streich Avenue (near Kelmscott Station) to BP Kelmscott.

• Excavating, asphalting and realigning roads.

• Removing the old water main, resurfacing the road, reinstating utility services and pavements and landscaping.

• Temporary closures of roads including Denny Avenue/Davis Road intersections when required.

• Implementing traffic controllers on Albany Highway near Church Street during school hours.

Access to businesses will always be maintained, although detours may be required.

Construction on Railway Avenue (until October 2021)

Road realignments, service relocations and installation of a new signalised intersection.

  • Widening Railway Avenue to four lanes near underpass.
  • Constructing the Principal Shared Path (PSP) and retaining walls along the rail corridor.
  • Installing a new signalised intersection at the realigned Third Avenue and Railway Avenue.
  • Road construction works include major excavating and utility service relocations. 
  • Detours in place on Merrifield Avenue and Cammillo Road.

Railway Avenue southbound lanes are closed between Third Avenue and Cammillo Road. Northbound lanes are open between Cammillo Road and Merrifield Avenue.

Closure of Streich Avenue/Albany Highway intersection (until September 2021)

Intersection closed to facilitate water main tie-in, pavements and road construction.

Access to Kelmscott Station or businesses on Streich Avenue via Denny Avenue.

Slee Avenue Cul-De-Sac Conversion (From 23 July)

Slee Avenue will be converted into a cul-de-sac permanently and access to/from Third Avenue will be removed. This change is required due to safety design requirements. Works will include demolition, relocation of utility services, kerbing, asphalting and landscaping.

Works will be conducted from 6am – 7pm, Monday to Saturday (and Sundays when required).

Construction on new Third Avenue (until August 2021)

Road realignments, service relocations and installation of a new signalised intersection.

  • Realigning Third Avenue to connect to Davis Road.
  • Installing a new signalised intersection at the realigned Third Avenue and Railway Avenue.
  • Storm water drainage installation by open excavation.
  • Installing road drainage, sewage pressure main and service utilities.
  • Road construction to realign Third Avenue.

There will be access for local residents and visitors to Kelvale Medical Centre and Kelmscott Baptist Church only.

Sections of Third Avenue are closed, and access to Slee Avenue from Third Avenue will be permanently removed with Slee Avenue to become a cul-de-sac.

Detours via Slee Avenue, Merrifield Avenue and Cammillo Road will be in place.

Bray Street (until August 2021)

Access from Railway Avenue currently removed due to works on Bray Street and Railway Avenue, with access now via a temporary opening on Cammillo Road (near Kelmscott High School).

Works include constructing water main, installing a medium pressure gas pipeline and Telstra cables, plus construction works on the road and footpaths.

Closure of Davis Road (until August 2021) and Davis Road/Albany Highway intersection (until October 2021)

Davis Road is closed to allow for the following works:

  • Widening Davis Road to four lanes and adding new turning pockets near the underpass.
  • Installation and relocation of utility services.
  • Constructing road surfaces, barriers, retaining walls, islands and verges.
  • Installing traffic signals at Streich Avenue and Albany Highway.

Access to 8 – 12 Davis Road is via the Sizzler’s car park off Albany Highway which is left in, left out access only.

Impacts to Church Street (until September 2021)

The Church Street/Albany Highway intersection is left in and left out only.

Road works for resurfacing, pavement reinstatement (road construction) and the facilitation of water main tie-in.

Davis Road (until August 2021)

Closed between Albany Highway and Streich Avenue.

Works include:

  • Installing a high-pressure gas pipeline and water main.
  • Constructing a storm water, deep drainage, and sewer pressure main.
  • Constructing road surfaces and barriers.
  • Removing power poles and power lines and installing underground power.

Fancote Street closed (until July 2021)

Fancote Street continues to be closed to upgrade utility services relocations, footpaths and pavements.

Local access via Page Road (from Gilwell Avenue) southbound, turning right into Roleystone Animal Hospital’s carpark to park at a temporary car park next door.

Detour for northbound traffic via River Road, Orlando Road and Gilwell Avenue into Page Road (northern end).

Access for pedestrians from one side to the other is via a temporary walkway in the middle of Fancote Street.


Lane closures of Streich Avenue (until August 2021)

Part of Streich Avenue (south of Davis Road) is closed to allow for the following works:

  • Constructing road surfaces, barriers and retaining walls.
  • Installing traffic signals, islands and verges.

Page Road (near Fancote Street intersection) temporarily closed (until August 2021)

What we are doing

  • Temporarily closing Page Road near the Fancote Street intersection.
  • Installing a sewer pressure main and deep drain through the intersection.

Access Page Road from the northern end.

Detour for northbound traffic via River Road, Orlando Road and Gilwell Avenue into Page Road (northern end) and southbound access via Page Road (northern end).

Access for pedestrians (and cyclists) is available on the eastern side of Page Road.

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