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Given the size of the Yanchep Rail Extension, minimising environmental and community impacts during construction and later operations is a key focus for METRONET and its delivery agencies.
Travelling through existing and planned developments, the majority of the 14.5km long rail extension will be in a cutting to reduce noise and improve overall amenity for nearby residents and businesses.
The rail alignment will travel through some Parks and Recreation sites and a Bush Forever area. Every effort was made to minimise impact on these areas, including considering alternative alignments. However, the undulating landscape, tight rail curve (not conforming to railway design standards) and impact on existing and future residents meant these options were not viable.

Flora management

Some clearing will be needed for the Yanchep Rail Extension, which will require approval under the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

Fauna management

The project will deliver one fauna underpass through a Parks and Recreation site and up to four fauna underpasses and fauna fencing through the Bush Forever area to ensure animal movements are not isolated as a result of the railway through these areas.
During construction, any areas marked for clearing will be inspected for animals to be relocated. Relocation by a verified specialist will be timed, where practicable, to prevent coinciding with the main nesting/breeding season of fauna species – usually spring and summer.

Noise, vibration and light

To minimise impacts on the nearby proposed residential developments, the Yanchep Rail Extension will mostly be built in a cutting, with developers required to have appropriate setbacks from the rail reserve (via road reserves or public open space) and homes in the ‘first row’ facing the route encouraged to implement ‘quiet house design’.
Noise walls will only be constructed as required, based on modelling outcomes and in consultation with land developers.
To manage vibration near residential properties, sub-ballast matting will be installed under the railway where it is located next to existing and future residential developments.
Lighting of the principal-shared path and station areas will be directed away from residential properties as much as possible and will be assessed during the final design stages.

Aboriginal Heritage

No registered Aboriginal Heritage Sites are identified within, or in close proximity to, the Yanchep Rail Extension. An archaeological survey, heritage surveys and Aboriginal consultation was undertaken to identify the heritage value of the rail corridor and surrounding area. As a result, specialist Aboriginal monitoring personnel will be engaged during the initial vegetation clearing stages at the station sites to further ensure there are no heritage sites or artefacts located within these areas. 

Page last updated: 01/08/2018