Yanchep Rail Extension

The Yanchep Rail Extension is a 14.5km project that will deliver the last proposed section of the Joondalup rail line from Butler to Yanchep, helping to support ongoing growth in the area, as well as reducing road congestion.

In the short-term, the Yanchep Extension Project will help develop activity centres by stimulating new employment opportunities in the Yanchep Strategic Metropolitan Centre and supporting higher density land use.

In the long-term, the extension will help move the more than 150,000 future Yanchep-Two Rocks residents. 

With stations planned at Alkimos, Eglinton and Yanchep, early designs detail how the stations will fit within the planned development and still cater for passengers on day one of operations – for detailed information, visit Yanchep Rail Extension - Stations.

Alkimos Station
Alkimos Station will serve the future Alkimos Central – a secondary centre planned to include residential, retail, business, recreation and education amenities for the fast growing area.

Eglinton Station
Eglinton Station will be built in a cutting next to the future Eglinton District Centre which is planned to a largely residential community.

Yanchep Station
Yanchep Station will become the heart of Perth’s future strategic business centre. The station will be positioned centrally to Yanchep City Centre’s main retail and commercial areas.  

For more project information read our fact sheets below or view the Project Definition Plan for more information on the project.

Construction is expected to begin in 2019.