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A community voice

  • 11 August 2021

Retired Kelmscott Senior High School teacher, Ian McAllister has watched the Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal project come to life with great interest since the start of works in September last year.

When the opportunity to join the project’s Community Reference Group came up, Ian was keen to volunteer and be a voice for the community.

“I was very happy to attend the meetings and make sure things were being done with our interests at heart,” said Ian.

“I’ve lived in Kelmscott since 2006, have an ear to the ground, and I was interested in what was planned for the future improvement of my town.”

Asked how the project would improve life in Kelmscott, Ian said that he thought the new underpass was a much-needed feature to help locals travel from A to B, by removing the dreaded Denny Avenue boom gates.

“The traffic lights on Albany Highway and the four lanes through the underpass will improve the flow of traffic to both sides of the railway line and make it much safer to cross to the other side,” he said.

Ian was pleased with the way the project was going. He said that he was amazed by the speed at which the new railway line was built, the construction of the tunnel and bridge, and the thickness of the bitumen going into the construction of the new roads.

“The number of staff and vehicles involved is impressive. Well done to everyone involved!”

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