Station Precincts

Station Precincts

METRONET is more than just a rail project. Investment in rail and stations across all projects will be the catalyst to turn some 8,000 hectares of land around new stations into desirable places for people to live, visit, and further invest in.

Areas around stations are called 'station precincts', which are generally the area within one kilometre of each station (around a 10 to 15 minute walk).

Each precinct will take a different approach to how it grows and changes over the next 30 years, and whilst the long-term vision is outlined by the precinct planning, implementing the plans will involve private and public sector stakeholders. Find out about the specific planning for each station precinct below. 

Read more on the station precincts fact sheet.

Station Precincts Gateway

Investment in rail will act as a catalyst for land use change in over 8,000 hectares of land within walkable catchments around METRONET stations.

To contribute to the sustainable growth of Perth, METRONET station precincts will be designed and developed as inviting, active, safe and inclusive places for their local communities. They will also offer housing, services, employment and recreation opportunities that benefit from access to high quality public transport.

The Station Precincts Gateway provides a high-level assessment and future scenario of how planning and development around METRONET stations can contribute towards meeting the objectives of Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million and other State Government policies. 

METRONET Station Precincts Gateway

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