Standard work hours are Monday to Saturday, 7am–7pm, and any out-of-hours works are indicated below. All works will follow approved noise and traffic management plans, and every effort will be made to minimise impacts. For questions about project works, please email or call 9326 3666.

Early investigation works (until late-August)

Locating water, gas, electricity and communications assets, surveying and equipment delivery into the rail corridor. 

Geotechnical investigations to assess ground composition and test piling along the rail corridor. 


  • Armadale Road, Armadale
  • Forrest Road, Armadale
  • Commerce Avenue, Armadale
  • Church Avenue, Armadale
  • Eleventh Road, Wungong
  • Bruns Drive, Darling Downs


  • George Street, Byford
  • Abernethy Road, Byford
  • Larsen Road, Byford

Butcher Road single lane closure (until late-August)

There will be an increase in noise during works to resurface a section of Butcher Road, Byford under Thomas Road Bridge. Traffic is reduced to one lane with traffic management in place.

Relocating power lines (until early-September)

There will be an increase in noise, dust and vibration during works to remove redundant power lines and install them underground at Eleventh Road between Bruns Drive and Keenan Street, Darling Downs.

Clearing vegetation (until late-October)

There will be an increase in noise and dust during works to remove vegetation and install fencing along Eleventh Road, between Southwest Highway and Gull Street/Lambert Lane, and between Keenan Street and Eleventh Road, Darling Downs until early-September.

There will be an increase in noise, dust and vibration during works to remove vegetation along the western side of the rail line between Frys Lane and Seventh Road, Armadale until late-September, and between Church Avenue, Armadale and Abernethy Road, Byford until late-October.

Establishing site offices (21 August until late-October)

There will be an increase in noise and traffic during works to establish site facilities on Eleventh Road, between the rail corridor and Gull Street/Lambert Lane, until late-September and on Wungong Road, between Trotman Court and opposite Wilson Street, until late-October.

There will be an increase in noise during works to build site facilities near the corner of Evans Way and Alexander Road, opposite George Street, Byford.

Armadale Station temporary bus interchange and car parks (until mid-November)

The temporary bus interchange will support train replacement services during the Armadale Line Shutdown.

Works may cause dust, noise and vibration due to the use of heavy machinery.

The temporary bus interchange will operate from around four weeks prior to the shutdown for staff training purposes.

The north-eastern car park adjacent to the Armadale RSL is open.

The south-eastern car park along Commerce Avenue is permanently closed to enable the temporary bus interchange to be built. Works on the temporary bus interchange are ongoing.

The south-western car park along Green Avenue is permanently closed to enable the new elevated station to be built. 

More information on parking is available via Transperth.

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