Mid-Tier Transport Planning

North East Rapid Transit Feasibility Study

The Public Transport Authority is leading the North East Rapid Transit Feasibility Study, to investigate the potential transit options to inform the East Wanneroo District Structure Plan.

While focussed on East Wanneroo, the project considers a broad study area, with a particular focus on how the area will connect to the Perth CBD and Joondalup. 

Wanneroo Road Urban Corridor Plan

The Department of Transport is leading an overarching transport and land use plan for Wanneroo Road between Beach Road and Green Street through METRONET.

The plan will set a vision for the study area and provide guidance to decision makers in the medium to long term on potential changes to the existing road network and increasing public transport options along Wanneroo Road that will enable faster commutes to the CBD.

Mid-Tier Transport Planning

With the largest ever investment in Perth’s rail system underway, the planning focus is turning to complement and connect the heavy rail network to the broader community through improved bus services and considering mid-tier transit solutions.

As identified in Perth & Peel @ 3.5 million – Transport Network, high-frequency public transport corridors will keep our growing city moving and help build a variety of communities and services around key stations.

Planning for mid-tier transport services in a staged manner ensures measures can be put in place now to meet today’s travelling and development needs, while identifying areas and long term activities for future expansion is underway. 

The transport portfolio, through METRONET, is undertaking broad network planning with key input from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and local governments. This planning aims to identify and prioritise routes and works staging to progress to investment decision.

In parallel, two planning investigation projects, which consider mid-tier possibilities in specific areas, are well underway. These projects, the North East Rapid Transit Feasibility Study and Wanneroo Road Urban Corridor Plan, will contribute to the broad network plan.

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