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C-series length METRONET

A growing public transport network needs more trains to service it.

The $1.6 billion Railcar Program will deliver 246 new railcars needed for METRONET projects and to replace the ageing A-series trains, which were the first electric trains on the Transperth network.  It will also replace the five diesel railcars that operate the twice daily Australind service between Perth and Bunbury.

World-class railcar manufacturer Alstom Transport Australia, has been announced as the preferred proponent to build the new C-series railcars.

Delivery of the first C-series railcars is expected to begin in 2022, with all of the trains expected to enter service between 2022 and 2029. This project will allow increased capacity on the rail network to cater for boosted passenger numbers with wider and additional passenger doors making it easier and quicker to get on and off. It will also improve service efficiency and reliability, as the older A-series trains are retired.

The Railcar Program has been identified as a Strategic Project under the WA Jobs Act 2017, which has additional requirements for local job creation.  With a target of 50 per cent local content for the manufacturing of the new trains, this project will bolster our local manufacturing industry and maximise WA jobs.

Contract negotiation with preferred provider Alstom is now underway. 


Bellevue Assembly Facility

As part of the railcar project, a new assembly and commissioning facility will be constructed at Bellevue.

Located in an industrial area with easy access to the passenger network, the Bellevue site is an ideal place to assemble and commission the new railcars.  Situated at the end of the Midland line, Bellevue has also been previously identified for a future depot to support rail operations across the PTA network. Construction is expected to begin next year and be completed by 2023. 

Bellevue railcar website

Bellevue is the preferred site for a proposed assembly and commissioning facility for the new railcars .

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The major feat happening beneath your feet!

The major feat happening beneath your feet!

Come and see us at this year's Perth Royal Show. We'll be in the Robinson Pavilion at Stands 23 & 24. 

Largest ever order for WA made railcars

Largest ever order for WA made railcars

Alstom Transport Australia is the preferred supplier for the 246 new C-series railcars.

METRONET Local Capability Fund

METRONET Local Capability Fund

Perth businesses looking to be part of the METRONET Railcar Procurement can apply for a grant as part of the State Government’s Local Capability Fund when a successful bidder has been announced.

Automatic Train Control submission to IA

Automatic Train Control submission to IA

As Perth continues to grow, so does demand for public transport, and the answer to making the most of our existing network lies with a part that is hidden from view but is essential to how the trains operate.

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