Byford Rail Extension

Byford Rail Extension

Residents in Byford and the wider Serpentine-Jarrahdale area will connect to the Perth CBD on a seamless 42-minute train journey once the Byford Rail Extension is complete.

The Armadale Line is being extended approximately 8km south to a new ground-level station in Byford, supporting one of the fastest growing areas in Australia.

Armadale Station is being rebuilt as an elevated station with three nearby busy level crossings removed and replaced with elevated rail.

Other level crossings between Armadale and Byford are also being removed with alternative treatments to improve traffic flow and ease road congestion.

The project will kick-start development opportunities in the Armadale and Byford town centres, providing new and safe connections around the stations.

The Armadale/Thornlie Line is shut between Victoria Park and Armadale/Thornlie stations until mid-2025 to enable these works.

During the Armadale Line Shutdown, the Public Transport Authority will also be undertaking major maintenance works between Kenwick and Sherwood stations as part of Rail Revitalisation Program.

Project Documents

Level Crossings

Removing level crossings has significant community benefits, such as increased road safety, reduced traffic congestion, and in some cases, create new opportunities and connections.

The Byford Rail Extension is being built in the existing rail corridor currently used by Australind rail services between Perth and Bunbury, with a number of level crossings being addressed.

Level crossings are being removed by elevating the rail over the road:

and elevating the road over the rail:

  • Eleventh Road
  • Thomas Road 

The existing pedestrian level crossing at Frys Lane and Seventh Road is being rebuilt as a new pedestrian crossing under the elevated rail.

Byron Road level crossing will be permanently closed in 2024. Read more about the Byron Road Level Crossing Removal.

Larsen Road level crossing has been permanently closed and a new pedestrian bridge over the rail will be built. Read more about the Larsen Road Level Crossing Removal

Clara Street West will be a new level crossing on the regional rail network creating an east-west connection for vehicles and pedestrians.




Public Space

We are creating new public spaces by transforming around six hectares of land in Armadale and Byford into a range of landscapes and activity areas for the community to enjoy. Feedback from the community through surveys, briefings, presentations, enquiries, events and reference groups has helped shape the designs of the public spaces. They showcase public art and reflect the local identity, flora and fauna, and Aboriginal culture. 

Read more about the community priorities for public spaces.

We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the environment through our tree retention strategy that involves retaining and protecting as many trees as possible, planting new and diverse trees, using local and native flora, providing a habitat for local fauna, and minimising water use. Read more about how we're Greening the Rail Corridor.

A development application for the Armadale Station precinct and public spaces has been submitted and further community feedback on the station and public space designs received during the public comment period is now being incorporated.
The public comment period for the  development application for the Byford Station and public space closed on 7 September. The application is currently being assessed by the WA Planning Commission.

Latest News

METRONET trials green fuel for heavy machinery

METRONET trials green fuel for heavy machinery

In a first for WA construction industry and a win for the global goal of a net zero emissions future, the METRONET Byford Rail Extension is trialling the use of renewable diesel to help reduce its carbon footprint.

Working together for sustainability

Working together for sustainability

The Byford Rail Extension Project is helping to strengthen the local Indigenous business sector by not only working closely with Aboriginal businesses for essential project services, but also collaborating on opportunities to upskill their employees.

Shared path connecting communities

Shared path connecting communities

Pedestrians and cyclists commuting within and between the Armadale and Byford town centres will soon have a brand new travel route with an 8km shared path as part of the Byford Rail Extension Project.

From trains to brains: METRONET and Scitech team up for STEM

From trains to brains: METRONET and Scitech team up for STEM

What do you get when you combine science, technology, engineering and mathematics with the curious and enthusiastic minds of primary school students? A fun and educational experience that sparks interest.

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