New Bayswater Station

New Bayswater Station

The New Bayswater Station will improve connectivity with the Midland Line, Forrestfield-Airport Link and Morley-Ellenbrook Line connections providing a new level of public transport service to Perth’s north-eastern suburbs.

The Noongar place name for Bayswater is Biraliny and the narrative is ‘The track where the Merenj (food plants) is located’.

While this complex project marks the first part of the Morley-Ellenbrook Line, it also looks to balance priorities identified during stakeholder and community consultation, such as improving connections across the railway, allowing for increased bus services to the station, improving cycling and pedestrian movements and creating a rail bridge and station that fits within and complements the town centre. 

The station will have two entrances and two single escalators, providing access to each island platform and an accompanying set of stairs and lifts, while including passenger amenities.

Read more about the project on the New Bayswater Station fact sheet.

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Bayswater Connection

The Morley-Ellenbrook Line will connect from Bayswater Station to the Tonkin Highway via an elevated rail structure (viaduct) which crosses over Clavering Road, Railway Parade and the Midland Line.

Through consultation with impacted residents, the City of Bayswater, the Community Advisory Group and the Office of Government Architect, the team has refined the design to reduce the height, bulk and scale of the viaduct and reduce the impact of project works.

Landscape design

To create a functional and appealing streetscape along Railway Parade, formalised parking, a shared path, landscaping and public art is included in the design. The details of these aspects will be confirmed through the upcoming landscape design process.

Read more in the New Bayswater Station Viaduct fact sheet.

Public Art

Eight local artists with varying backgrounds, experience and styles are creating public art for the new Bayswater Station, with each piece capturing and celebrating Bayswater’s distinct identity.

Leake Street underpass mural 
By Emily Jackson 

A mural of local flora and fauna will brighten the walls and ceilings of the new Leake Street underpass and surrounding area. 

Seating sculpture
By Peter Farmer, in collaboration with Miranda Farmer and Jason Hirst

Two functional seating sculptures – Kaarl and Kiep (fire and water) – will create a strong statement and provide colour and light to the forecourt area outside the station’s main entrance.

Station entry statement
By Andrew Frazer and Jade Dolman

Bright, vibrant murals in several locations around the station and will feature the Noongar place name for Bayswater, Biraliny, brought to life through Andrew’s signature typography and textured style and Jade’s patterns and designs. 

Botanical murals along noise walls
By Joanna Brown

More than 150 metres of vibrant flora and fauna will bring splashes of colour to sections of the noise walls along Whatley Crescent and Railway Parade.

Station platform artwork 
By Nathanael Whale

Detailed graphic illustrations of Bayswater’s rich history will engage passengers while they wait for the train at each platform and feature the two sides of Bayswater – the historic town centre and the river.

Digital and sound commemorative bridge artwork 
By Leon Ewing 

An audio-visual homage to the ‘old Baysie Bridge’ and its history will be created using the original low clearance LED screen and audio recordings taken from the bridge. The artwork will keep the bridge’s ‘reign of terror’ alive by tallying virtual truck strikes from the height of the old bridge.

Integrated artwork and poetry 
By Nandi Chinna, in collaboration with Jade Dolman 

Local writer Nandi Chinna will create a written piece for the landscape ‘ribbon element’ surrounding the station, complemented with imagery by Noongar artist Jade Dolman.

The artworks are delivered under the METRONET Public Art Strategy, which aims to make enjoyable areas for local communities while supporting opportunities for local and Noongar emerging and established artists. 

Find out more about the new Bayswater Station public art on the fact sheet.

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Public art brightens new Bayswater Station

Public art brightens new Bayswater Station

From large-scale murals and seating sculptures to detailed digital designs, the public art pieces for the METRONET New Bayswater Station Project have something that appeals to just about everyone.

Three METRONET stations achieve design review ratings

Three METRONET stations achieve design review ratings

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State Budget delivers continued METRONET investment

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