High Capacity Signalling

High Capacity Signalling

The High Capacity Signalling project will make better use of the existing rail network by allowing more trains to run more often.

By upgrading the existing signalling and control systems, which are nearing the end of their asset lives, to an integrated high-capacity signalling system, the rail network will have capacity to grow and see more reliable, safe and punctual train operations.


The project is currently in its planning phase, with the Project Definition Plan underway.


High Capacity Signalling is a long-term project, with installation intended over the next 12 years.

When replacing the signalling systems, a major portion of trackside equipment becomes redundant and can be removed, reducing unplanned service disruptions due to signalling faults and increasing the reliability of the network.

Public Transport Operations Control Centre

The future High Capacity Signalling system, a network-wide project to allow more trains to run more often, requires a purpose-built operations centre.

The new Public Transport Operations Control Centre (PTOCC), located directly north of the existing Public Transport Centre in East Perth, will include a centralised signalling equipment room, network control floors, and office space.

Not only will the new facility replace the existing train control centre, which cannot accommodate the required equipment or allow for migration to the new signalling system without significant passenger disruption, it will also accommodate the day-to-day operations of Perth’s expanded public transport network to ensure all services are reliable, safe and punctual.

The project is currently in the planning stages with a contract to design and construct the facility expected to be awarded in early 2021.

A Development Application has recently been submitted to the City of Vincent seeking approval for development of the PTOCC site. The submission is expected to be open for public comment in early 2021.

The PTOCC is expected to be completed in 2023.

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