With our program of works, we are creating a sustainable legacy by embedding environmental, social and economic principles and practices in how each project is planned and delivered.

The Sustainability Strategy applies these high-level principles by providing framework for transport infrastructure and station precinct projects throughout the planning, procurement, design and construction phases.

The strategy aligns with local, national and international regulations, initiatives and schemes, ensuring industry best practices are followed. 

Read more about how the METRONET Program is working sustainably.

Read the Sustainability Strategy and the Sustainability Strategy Summary.

Strategic Initiatives

To help deliver sustainable outcomes across the METRONET program of projects, key strategic initiatives were identified and delivered that link to the themes, objectives and targets of the Sustainability Strategy. Click on the links below to view fact sheets for each initiative.

Waste and Materials fact sheet

Landscape Design Guidelines fact sheet

Climate Change fact sheet

Water Safe Urban Design fact sheet

Transport Infrastructure & Station Precinct Resilience fact sheet






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