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All hands on track at Claremont

  • 30 April 2021

With more than 100 workers onsite per shift, the Claremont Station project area was a hive of activity for 24/7 a day for eight weeks.

The works are now done and saw the team working 125,000 hours in total to:

  • Install 21 track circuits
  • Install 2km of underground cable route
  • Install 39km of cabling comprising of 13 different types
  • Rebuild 3km of track
  • Install 3.6km of overhead line equipment wire run

To safely allow these works to take place and still keep passengers moving, train services operated on one track at a time, allowing the team to rebuild tracks one at a time. This was a complex operation and both two turnbacks were successfully installed and are ready for when the Forrestfield-Airport Link operates.

Forrestfield-Airport Link services will travel between High Wycombe and Claremont stations, with the new turnbacks allowing trains to turn around at Claremont and head back towards Perth CBD and the Airport.

We thank the residents and passengers for their patience during this time.

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