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Baysie – Spend to Win wrap-up

  • 28 June 2021

Our Baysie – Spend to Win promotion rewarded shoppers for supporting local businesses during works, with the campaign running April to June.

Eighteen local businesses participated in the initiative, where customers received a scratchie and a chance to win with a $10 purchase. Prizes were pre-purchased from local businesses, including coffees, meals, beauty treatments and haircuts.

During the campaign, one business owner commented ‘customers are saying it’s a great thing to do in Bayswater, it’s very positive’.

Another business owner said ‘sometimes customers were close to $10 and they bought extra items just to get a scratchie!’

Some businesses even gained some new clients through people claiming prizes at their businesses.

We would like to thank the Bayswater Traders Association and the participating businesses for their support with the initiative.

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