First Byford Rail Extension submission to IA - METRONET


First Byford Rail Extension submission to IA

  • 6 September 2019

METRONET has made a Stage 1 submission to Infrastructure Australia (IA) for the Byford Rail Extension project, demonstrating the national significance of opportunities in the area.

The submission, which analyses the key problems and opportunities that the project is seeking to address, is an important milestone in securing federal funding and aligns with IA’s Assessment Framework.

With Byford’s population is set to double to more than 35,000 people by 2036, the project will encourage long term growth in the study area and proactively offer alternative travel choices for those living and working there.

The project is in the early stages of engineering, land use planning and business case development. Potential station locations, land use opportunities and other transport network changes will be explored, defined and refined as the business case progresses.

This work will also include considering a potential extension of the rail network to Mundijong to ensure the project integrates with potential longer-term land use and transport outcomes for the area.

The Government’s Byford Rail Extension commitment proposes to extend the Armadale Line to grow the community around a future station, as well as connecting people to major employment and activity centres in Armadale, Cannington and the CBD. 






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