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Working together for sustainability

  • 26 March 2024

HazRad’s Terry Riley and David Collard delivering waste management services on site.

The Byford Rail Extension Project is helping to strengthen the local Indigenous business sector by not only working closely with Aboriginal businesses for essential project services, but also collaborating on opportunities to upskill their employees.

The project’s sustainability team has engaged with Aboriginal-owned waste management company HazRad, who provide industrial and waste management services for the project, as part of achieving sustainability ratings for the project.

“We guided and assisted HazRad to revise their policies, procedures and reporting framework so their delivery service complies with third party Green Star and Infrastructure Sustainability (IS version 2.1) ratings schemes,” Project Senior Sustainability Advisor Flavia Melo Tarmo explained.

“This has not only helped the project demonstrate best practice in waste management to meet compliance, it has also empowered HazRad with the knowledge and tools to proactively identify innovative initiatives that achieve social, environmental, and economic benefits.”

“The relationship has been exceptionally positive, and we expect the final outcomes to be excellent for both the project and HazRad, enabling them to apply these enhanced skills to future projects,” she said.

HazRad General Manager David Reddie explained that while meeting compliances can be challenging due to the limited number of experienced workers available, ensuring they are met provides the business with an opportunity to cross train staff on different platforms to enhance their knowledge and skills.

“This sustainability initiative has been a key highlight for HazRad while working on the Byford Rail Extension Project and we’ve gained valuable insights into what drives the project towards its sustainability goals,” David said.

Aligned with the METRONET Sustainability Strategy, the Green Star sustainability rating is a voluntary rating system that evaluates the environmental design and performance of infrastructure projects. The rating encourages innovation and leadership in sustainability and recognises the social, economic, and environmental benefits of the project.

The METRONET Gnarla Biddi Strategy is committed to increasing Aboriginal participation across all METRONET projects. On the Byford Rail Extension Project so far, 19 registered Aboriginal businesses have been awarded contracts totalling approximately $21 million – more than double the project's target. These businesses are providing a range of services from traffic management, fuel supply and electrical works to plant hire, signage, and occupational health.

More than 70 Aboriginal employees work on the Byford Extension Project, including direct employment with the project, employment with sub-contractors and trainees working towards a qualification.

If you are a registered Aboriginal business, or more than 50 per cent Aboriginal-owned, we encourage you to complete the Construction Business Register to express your interest in METRONET work opportunities.

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