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Breaking new ground on Forrestfield-Airport Link

  • 18 February 2020

Breaking through the Bayswater dive structure today was TBM Grace, marking the end of her eight kilometre tunnelling journey and claiming the record for the longest rail tunnel ever attempted in WA history.

Since setting off from Forrestfield in July 2017, TBM Grace has tunnelled her way under Perth Airport and the Swan River, reaching depths of up to 26 metres through diverse ground conditions.

TBM Grace will now be dismantled and craned out of the dive structure in preparation for the arrival of TBM Sandy, who is expected to breakthrough the middle of this year marking the end of tunnelling for the Forrestfield-Airport Link project.  

As this milestone draws near, work is continuing on important infrastructure such as station construction and fit out and readying the tunnels for track laying. A number of lengths of rail have already been delivered to Forrestfield and Bayswater, and construction of the first stage of the track slab within the tunnels is more than 40 per cent complete. The second stage of the track slab, including installation of the rail, will start mid-year.

Trains are expected to run on the new rail line in late 2021, providing a 20-minute rail link between the eastern foothills, Perth Airport and the city. 

Find out more about the project here.

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