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Site investigation work underway at Lakelands Station

  • 16 July 2020

As part of the planning and early works for the Lakelands Station project geotechnical site investigations are currently taking place at the future station site.

These studies include taking soil samples, drilling activity utilising some large vehicles and associated equipment in the area. The investigations will allow us to gain a better understanding of ground conditions in the immediate area, which will help to inform the final project design.

Once complete, the project team will have a better understanding of the properties of the soil and rock within the project area. Feature surveys have previously been undertaken to identify the physical features of the land and to confirm the location of any underground utility infrastructure such as water pipes, gas pipes and electricity cables.

These works, equipment and vehicle movements throughout the area may be noticeable to nearby residents. However, every effort will be made to minimise disturbance to the local community.


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