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Mandurah Station Multi-Storey Car Park is rising up

  • 28 January 2021

Since main construction began more than four months ago, the site is a hive of activity.

Initial works focussed on demolishing the existing car park and were followed by earthworks for new drainage and foundations. As putting in more of the underground services continues, the new car park’s building itself is starting to take shape.

The car park includes a bituminised ground level, six stairwells and two ‘suspended’ concrete slabs for levels one and two. These will be supported by 200 concrete columns.

Each concrete column requires a footing (base) to be built first, which is covered up after the column is poured.

More than 100 columns are now poured and the first visible parts of the building are springing up across the northern end of the site.

In the coming weeks, concrete pours for the level one suspended slab will begin. After each section of the first suspended slab is completed, the columns will be built up to eventually support the second suspended slab.

The new multi-storey car park is on-track to open for use in the second half of this year.

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