Take a break now (or in the future) from driving - METRONET


Take a break now (or in the future) from driving

  • 30 January 2019

Transperth’s new campaign is encouraging people to take a break from driving and test out the award-winning network when a car doesn’t always stack up – like special events, getting to work during peak, or making the trip into the city for Friday drinks.

The campaign is based on research which has shown myths about Perth’s public transport are busted once people take a service, leading to them being more likely to use these services in the future.

But we recognise that in many areas of Perth taking public transport regularly may not be a viable option. That’s where METRONET comes in.

If you live in a growing area like Alkimos, Brabham or Byford or perhaps you work in Canning Vale and taking public transport to work every day isn’t an option, then one of our METRONET projects will give you that option in the future.

METRONET’s aim is to give people more choice of transport options, types of housing and job opportunities either locally or at an employment hub.

Good planning takes time, and as they say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Each project is at a different stage of construction, procurement or planning. Just check out each project page for more information.

Until then, take a look at this campaign and consider how you can make your journey easier now by using our first-rate network for some or even part of your journeys.

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