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Your thoughts on Midland Station

  • 30 March 2020

A new station with modern facilities that integrates with the local area and references the area’s rich history is what the community has asked for at Midland.

In January the new Midland Station location was confirmed to be between Helena and Cale streets.

Following this we asked you what you’d like to see for the new station, and 197 of you gave us your feedback by completing our online survey.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at our popups or completed the survey, your feedback helps us understand what you’d like to see in and around the station and will be given to the design to consider incorporating where they can.

Key feedback from the survey included:

  • Nearly half of you want to see a station that has combination of modern and heritage design elements
  • Safety, parking and integration with the local area are the top three things that you think are important for the new station
  • Almost half of you think that rail and rail history should be reflected in the public art at the new station

77% of you feel positive about the project, and 85% think that the project will positively impact the Midland area.

A summary of the results is available on our fact sheet.

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