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Planning scope increased for level crossing removal on the Armadale Line

  • 15 April 2019

As part of the existing Level Crossing Removal Project, the 2019-20 State Budget includes $415 million to remove level crossings at Mint Street, Oats Street, and Welshpool Road on the Armadale Line between Victoria Park and Bentley.

The removal of these level crossings will reduce congestion, improve safety and provide new opportunities to create exciting station precinct communities. Planning for this project will continue in 2019-20, including detailed analysis to meet Infrastructure Australia requirements.

This is in addition to the removal of the Denny Avenue crossing in Kelmscott, that is due to start later this year.

While it is too early to determine what the possible solutions will look like, there are a number of ways to remove level crossings including:

  • Elevating or lowering the rail line
  • Elevating or lowering the road
  • A combination of elevating and sinking the road or rail (as per the Denny Avenue project)
  • Closing the level crossing.

Removal options will be planned in consultation with key stakeholders and will consider community and road impacts, as well as urban development opportunities. 

Further planning is underway to address the removal of the Armadale Line level crossings at Hamilton Street, Wharf Street, and William Street (between Queens Park and Beckenham).

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