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Saying goodbye to noisy level crossing horns and bells

  • 18 November 2020

Have a listen to *early noise modelling to give you an idea of what you can expect from a typical elevated rail structure.  

Early noise modelling has been undertaken at Mint Street and Oats Street as part of the Inner Armadale Line Level Crossing Removals project, which will see an elevated rail solution to help address noise and vibration impacts.

With the rail at grade, train noise currently travels directly to surrounding buildings. Elevating the rail will change how noise is dissipated.

Early noise modelling audio was shared with Community Reference Group (CRG) members (North Group) at a recent CRG meeting. The audio was also featured at recent community pop-up sessions at the Park Centre Shopping Centre in Victoria Park and Bentley Plaza.



While the structure’s design and how it impacts noise levels is yet to be determined, we can provide some general information about what to expect from noise, based on early noise modelling completed of a typical elevated rail structure.

You can listen to noise modelling for Mint Street and Oats Street here:

*This noise simulation is based on very early elevated rail designs with no noise mitigation in place. It is an example of how much quieter the area will become without the level crossing as the sirens are gone, the sound of cars travelling over the tracks is gone and the trains are raised into structures that help to reduce noise.

As the designs progress, modelling will continue to identify what, if any, additional measures can be put in place to reduce train noise as much as possible. For the best listening experience we suggest listening through good quality over the ear headphones, as speakers and earbuds can distort the sound.

Mint Street

Oats Street

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