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Stakeholder feedback informs a new option for Wharf Street Level Crossing Removal

  • 8 July 2020

In June it was announced elevated rail is the preferred option for removing level crossings along the Inner Armadale Line. 

The program of works will remove up to six level crossings between Carlisle and Beckenham and improve safety, create more connections, ease movements in the area, revitalise the corridor, modernise stations and create versatile public spaces for the community. 

Two options were initially put forward for the Wharf Street level crossing removal, elevating the rail or closing the crossing. 

Based on initial stakeholder feedback on these options, a third option is now being considered for removing the Wharf Street crossing which would see elevated rail at both Hamilton Street and Wharf Street, including rebuilding Queens Park Station. The option to close Wharf Street level crossing is not preferred.  

In all three options, elevated rail is preferred for the William Street level crossing removal including rebuilding Beckenham Station.

Significant elements of this project are yet to be confirmed, such as additional connections, potential uses for the spaces under the rail and overall project design, including landscaping and public art and we encourage you to let us know what you think we should consider and help inform project planning as it continues. 

Complete a survey or apply to be part of a Community Reference Groups (CRG) to help inform the concept designs for the project. 

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