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Automatic Train Control submission to IA

  • 24 June 2019

As Perth continues to grow, so does demand for public transport, and the answer to making the most of our existing network lies with a part that is hidden from view but is essential to how the trains operate.

The Automatic Train Control (ATC) project will upgrade the existing signalling and control systems, which are nearing the end of their asset lives, to an integrated high-capacity system, that allows for future growth with more frequent, reliable, safe and punctual train operations.

This long-term project meets recommendations by Infrastructure Australia, the national independent assessment body, which recommends investing in existing infrastructure through smarter operations and maximising capacity.

The project has moved one step closer to securing federal funding with formal documentation recently received by Infrastructure Australia. For more information on the assessment framework and evaluation process, please visit  Infrastructure Australia online.

The Public Transport Authority is continuing to progress the Automatic Train Control project scoping and definition works.

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