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Noongar place names announced for Alkimos and Eglinton stations

  • 24 March 2023

After extensive research, literature review and consultation with Noongar Elders, consultants and linguists as part of the METRONET Noongar Place Names Initiative, the Gnarla Biddi team along with the METRONET Noongar Reference Group are pleased to announce the Noongar place names for Alkimos and Eglinton stations.

The place name for Alkimos Station is Kyleeup (pronounced Kylee-up), meaning the 'Place of boomerangs'. Kyleeup is often referenced to as Kaili (boomerangs) where in the ancient song line, it was a site where dingoes came across two men throwing boomerangs and attacked them.

The place name for Eglinton Station is Wilgarup (pronounced Wil-gar-up), meaning the 'Place of ochre'. An important resource for Noongar people and the oldest known natural pigment in the world, ochre was used in traditional art and for ceremonial purposes. It was also used as currency and Aboriginal people across Australia would trade different colour ochres or trade ochre for items such as boomerangs or spears.

Yanchep Station will retain its Noongar name, which means ‘A native flax or bulrush reed’ and refers to the flora commonly found in wetlands throughout the area.

With the Noongar place names now identified, they will be incorporated into the station design through public art, landscaping and some interpretative signage.

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