Shaping up at Alkimos Station - METRONET


Shaping up at Alkimos Station

  • 16 October 2022

The first platform walls have been lifted into place at Alkimos as the station takes shape along the METRONET Yanchep Rail Extension Project.

Twelve columns were installed at platform level to an accuracy of 1mm, with surveying tools used to ensure the columns were in the exact position to support the concourse beams.

A 400-tonne crane then meticulously placed 24-tonne concourse shell beams on top of the columns.

The arrangement of beams forms the beginnings of the concourse structure.

NEWest Alliance Project Manager Stephen Nicolay couldn’t be more pleased with the progress made.

“The level of planning and precision that goes into executing these highly complex works is second to none, and we’re focused on continuing this strong record as we roll out similar works at Eglinton and Yanchep stations,” he said.

The team is also building retaining walls and the station’s six bridge structures, which will form the Alkimos Station precinct.

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