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Celebrate Bayswater Art Walk begins

  • 15 November 2021

How do you capture the heart and soul of a community, celebrate its colourful characters and highlight its history while boosting local businesses? With a vibrant and feature-filled 68m temporary mural, of course!

The Celebrate Bayswater Art Walk is a temporary free community art project, which kicks off with a street party on Saturday 20 November with live music, children’s activities and giveaways from 11:30am.

The Art Walk features local artists who have created a 27-panel mural on Whatley Crescent to encourage people to visit the area to have a look at it and while there support local businesses as works take place on the new station.

Artists Gabi Mazalevkskis and Alli Sylvestre engaged with residents, local artists, creatives, primary schools, businesses and community groups to uncover the stories, personalities and images of Bayswater.

The art pieces, photos, drawings and images of architecture, natural landscape, businesses and people were then creatively combined by Gabi and Alli to reflect the themes of past, present and future connections.

“The mural is a celebration of the Bayswater community and the strong connection between residents and businesses. It’s a great way to bring people together to share their sense of pride in Bayswater while supporting local businesses,” Gabi said.

Local primary school children also added to the community art initiative by creating artwork that is displayed in shop windows on Whatley Crescent and King William Street.

Click here for full details on the mural and facts about the contributing creatives, primary schools, businesses and community groups.

This initiative is an example of how METRONET’s Public Art Strategy is creating points of interest, landmarks and destinations; animating public spaces and building place identity; and supporting the professional and emerging local arts sector.

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