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Closing the loop with upcycled banner mesh

  • 9 May 2023

How can banner mesh provide sustainable employment opportunities? When it’s upcycled from a METRONET project of course!

METRONET is proud to partner with WA-based company Loop Upcycling, Australia’s first corporate upcycling company, to repurpose banner mesh and provide employment, training and constant upskilling opportunities for people living with disadvantages.

“What’s been fantastic about working with METRONET is that banner mesh has been consistently provided, giving security of employment for our participants,” Loop Production Manager Leuca Ziemons said.

Offering flexible employment pathways for participants, the initiative provides purpose and meaning to the community through an innovative and sustainable process.

“The program supports many parts of the community, such as refugees, victims of domestic violence and people living with a disability,” Loop CEO Franco Randazzo explained.

Banner mesh used on fencing to manage dust spilling from project sites into the community is upcycled into items such as tote bags and pencil cases, diverting more than five kilometres of material from landfill.

As METRONET Sustainability lead Callie Cummings highlights, the initiative also supports the METRONET Sustainability Strategy.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to work more sustainably across our program of works and the partnership with Loop is one way we can do our part to divert materials from landfill and support the WA waste strategy towards a more circular economy,” Callie said.

To grab your very own upcycled banner mesh tote bag or pencil case, keep an eye out for us at one of our community events.

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