Countdown on until we farewell the infamous Bayswater Bridge - METRONET


Countdown on until we farewell the infamous Bayswater Bridge

  • 13 March 2022

Father Time is coming for the infamous Bayswater Bridge, with work now underway on a newer, higher bridge being delivered as part of the METRONET New Bayswater Station.

The bridge, which currently has a 3.8m clearance and a well-known appetite for trucks, will be removed by the end of the year and replaced by a new structure with a 4.8m clearance.

To commemorate the infamous bridge, we’re asking the community to have their say on how the structure should be farewelled.

The new bridge has begun taking shape with two large beams installed last week to support the new lines and longer platforms, with 50 more beams to be installed in coming months.


Once complete, this will be one of the most important stations on the network, improving connections to the Bayswater Town Centre, invigorating the area, and providing opportunities for further investment in local jobs and greater amenities.

Have your say on how the Bayswater Bridge should be farewelled.

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