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Here today, gone forever tonight!

  • 1 April 2021

Kelmscott’s history will soon need an update because from 8pm on Thursday 1 April 2021, the Denny Avenue level crossing will finally be removed forever and a new rail-over-road underpass opened shortly after.

Renowned for being the most dangerous level crossing in WA, and holding up traffic, pedestrians and cyclists alike, its removal will be a big relief to the community who will most definitely say “farewell” and “good riddance” to a crossing created when traffic was less and cars, vintage.

Soon the new Davis Road underpass will open, along with swift transitional traffic lights to keep traffic running smoothly and consistently and give pedestrians a safer crossing.

We’re going to work around the clock this week(s)….

Though closing the crossing is not as simple as just walking the boom gates away. To close the crossing and redirect traffic to the new underpass is an enormous feat with around 250 people across approximately 30 companies working 24/7 during the next 11 days to complete works as safely and as quickly as possible.

This work will include completing the bridge on the Railway Avenue side to accommodate the new Principal Shared Path (PSP) path, excavating the underpass road and installing the new train tracks across the bridge. There will be a hive of activity to complete these works with approximately 5000 cubic tonnes of fill to be imported to support the new rail and PSP. It is predicted that 100 trucks movements are needed per day, with six trucks delivering fill every 30 minutes. 

Once the bridge construction is completed the new Davis Road underpass can be finalised including the installation of drainage, road construction and kerbing. When works are finalised, test trains will run over the new bridge from Armadale to Gosnells stations overnight to ensure all aspects are safe and operational.

Remember folks…

During the next 11 days there are significant road and public transport impacts.  You can find out about the road impacts here and visit Transperth to plan your public transport journey.




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