Wave 2 market research results - METRONET


Wave 2 market research results

  • 1 September 2018

Delivering METRONET for the community, in the places they live and work, makes it extremely important to capture Perth people’s understanding and feeling towards the project. Many major projects undertake general population market research to capture this information. 

Wave 2 of METRONET’s general population research was conducted by Metrix Consulting in July 2018 to ensure the survey was conducted independently and to the highest standards.

The research results showed unprompted awareness of METRONET and our projects at 80 per cent (up from 72 per cent Feb-18).  This includes specific METRONET mentions at 19 per cent, Forrestfield-Airport Link at 38 per cent and Morley-Ellenbrook Line at 11 per cent. Prompted awareness rose from 67 per cent in February, to 74 per cent in July 2018 and when prompted, nine in 10 people were aware of least one METRONET project.

There is also strong support for METRONET with 74 per cent (72 per cent Feb-18) of respondents feeling positive towards METRONET, which is driven by a perception that it will reduce road congestion (25 per cent) and is good for Perth (19 per cent).

Overwhelmingly, 90 percent of respondents believe METRONET is important for Perth and 51 per cent are more likely to consider using public transport as a result of METRONET projects.

People are starting to feel more informed about METRONET with 66 per cent saying they want more information, compared to 73 per cent in February.

In response to the survey results, the METRONET Office will review its communications activities to increase digital communications via its website and social media channels and provide more general updates on the status of various projects.

The research will be conducted every six months to track general awareness, understanding and sentiment towards the project. It is anticipated the results will fluctuate as the projects progress through various planning and delivery phases and levels of disruption are experienced.  The METRONET Office will continue to monitor these results to ensure they respond to any changes in understanding and sentiment as they occur.

Wave 2 Research Results

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