Construction Yanchep Rail Extension

Notice of upcoming works

Yanchep Rail Extension project works have started along the rail corridor, at station sites and on roads between Butler Station and the future Yanchep Station.

Works are permitted between 7am and 7pm from Monday to Saturday. All works will follow approved noise and traffic management plans, and every effort will be made to minimise impacts.

Limestone Crushing (October 2020 – late 2021)

A mobile limestone crushing and screening plant will be established at the Eglinton Station site adjacent to Pipidinny Road, Eglinton and at other locations across the project

The plant will crush up to 200,000 tonnes of limestone excavated from the rail corridor that will be reused for the construction of roads, station carparks and temporary access tracks.

The plant machinery will include an impact crusher, screen and front end loader. Noise and dust management controls will be in place.

Road Changes

Notice of Upcoming Traffic Impacts

Yanchep Rail Extension project works have started between Butler and Yanchep. Traffic management will be in place intermittently on roads that intersect the rail corridor or are near the future station sites. This will include Yanchep Beach Road, Pipidinny Road, Santorini Promenade, Marmion Avenue and local roads. 

Traffic controllers will use stop/slow signs to direct traffic and there will be signage on the road to provide advance warning of works.

Works are permitted between 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday. All works will follow approved noise and traffic management plans, and every effort will be made to minimise impacts. Please drive carefully.

Proposed road closure: Pipidinny Road, Eglinton

The project is proposing a planned temporary closure of Pipidinny Road, between Marmion Avenue and Beonaddy Road, to build the new permanent road-over-rail bridge.

This closure will save eleven months off the construction program, reduce the duration of disruptions and be safer for vehicles, pedestrians, residents and workers. See below for a detour map. 

We invite you to contact us so we can provide any further information you may require on 9326 3666 or

The City of Wanneroo public comment period has now closed and submissions are being considered. 

Temporary road closure - Booderee Road, Yanchep (October 2020 – late 2021)

Booderee Road will be closed at the intersection of Yanchep Beach Road from late October 2020. 
This will enable the construction of the temporary Yanchep Beach Road diversion as part of the building the new bridge over the future Yanchep rail line. 
Works include installing concrete barriers and detour signage on Yanchep Beach Road, building a new traffic diversion road and shared path next to Yanchep Beach Road and relocating underground services. There will be no access to Booderee Road from the Yanchep Beach Road intersection. Access will be maintained to properties on Avon Road, via Kakadu Road.
Nearby residents may notice increased noise and dust in the area from construction vehicles and machinery. Water carts will be in operation to assist in reducing dust. All works will follow approved noise and traffic management plans. 
Standard work hours are between Monday to Saturday, 7am-7pm. Some night works will be required. 

Yanchep Shared Path Closure (October 2020 – Early 2021)

A 400m shared path will be closed on the southern side of Yanchep Beach Road. A detour will also be in place for the shared path on Yanchep Beach Road from October 2020 to early 2021. 

PTA13121 Yanchep Road Closure A4 Mudmap

Alkimos Shared Path Closure (January 2021 – Late 2022)

From early January, the eastern shared path on Marmion Avenue between Brindabella Parkway and Graceful Boulevard will be closed for the duration of the project.

This is so construction can start on a new left-in / left-out temporary entrance to the future Alkimos Station, directly off Marmion Avenue. This entrance will enable safe access for construction vehicles and machinery during construction of the rail.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be required to detour to the shared path on the western side of Marmion Avenue.

During construction of the temporary entrance there will be intermittent single lane closures southbound on Marmion Avenue and a speed reduction to 40km.

A reduced speed of 60km will remain active for the duration of the project.

Footpath Works (From 19 November 2020)

A new, temporary footpath will be built on the south side of Santorini Promenade, near the rail corridor between Charlbury Drive and Missingham Avenue, Alkimos.

Once the new footpath is built, the existing footpath on the north side of the road will be closed, and the new footpath in use, until the Santorini Boulevard bridge is finished in late 2021.

Work will be conducted during standard work hours, Monday to Saturday 7am to 7pm.

Traffic management will be in place with traffic signs and traffic controllers using stop/slow indicators. Speed will also be reduced to 40kmh.

Earth Works in Rail Corridor (December 2020 - January 2021)

A crushed limestone hardstand will be built in the rail corridor near Santorini Promenade during December 2020 and January 2021. Unused sections of the Santorini Promenade road surface and shared path will be removed and a compacted limestone pad will be built to be used by heavy vehicles. Temporary fencing will be installed around the work area and all works will follow approved noise and traffic management plans.

Site Preparation

Compound Mobilising - NEWest Alliance

Alkimos Compound - Northern end of Chesham Rise (mid - late 2021).

The site offices and work areas at Alkimos are being established. Initially the new compound will comprise a portable site office, generator, toilet facilities and a car park, however facilities will increase as works progress.

The compound will be fenced, and there may be machinery and equipment parked on site overnight. 

The site compound will remain in this location for the entire construction phase of the project. 

Yanchep Compound - Vacant lot south of Yanchep Beach Road, adjacent to Booderee Road (mid-late 2021)

The compound at Yanchep is part-established, with access via Kakadu Road.

Residents can expect to see vehicles travelling to and from the compound between 6.45am and 5pm, and workers and machinery within the compound area.

Clearing works at Yanchep Station will continue into late 2021 and residents may experience dust during and potential noise and vibration from the piling rig.

The site office and compound will be in this location for the entire construction phase of the project.

Noise Walls

Preparation for Noise Walls (From early January)

From January 4 preparation work for noise wall installation will start on the east side of the rail corridor at sections of Charlbury Drive in Butler and on Chesham Rise in Alkimos.

The works include:

  • Removal of existing wire fences and installation of temporary fencing panels.
  • Removal of remnant vegetation where required.
  • Building limestone hardstands within the rail corridor.
  • Use of machine-mounted augers to drill holes on the rail corridor boundary.

The project team will also undertake engagement with affected residents to provide more specific information about locations and heights.

Footpaths will be closed on the western side of Charlbury Drive, Butler and Chesham Rise, Alkimos.

Local residents may notice increased machinery and construction activity within the rail corridor.

Concrete panel and post noise walls will be installed on the rail corridor boundary in select locations

in Butler and Alkimos. More detailed information will follow about noise walls in local areas.

Upcoming Night Works

No current night works planned. 

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