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Tree hollows find new home at Kaarakin

  • 4 August 2021

Tree hollows, logs and foliage from the site of the future Lakelands Station will be put to good use at their new home, Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre.

With enabling works starting for Lakelands Station in early July, site clearing was required to facilitate construction of the future car park.

As part of METRONET's Sustainability Strategy, reusing materials is preferred when vegetation cannot be retained. Prior to the removal of trees, Kaarakin, a specialist wildlife centre in the Perth Hills were invited to identify materials that could be used at the centre which is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured wild native black cockatoos.

Animal Management and Education Officer Sam Clarke said the Centre was grateful for the recent donation of felled timber and foliage.

“The large hollows will be used for cockatoo breeding boxes, while thinner logs can be used for perches which the cockatoos love to strip the bark off,” he said.

“Fresh foliage is fantastic for the cockatoos, particularly gumnuts as they are looking for the seeds inside the nut.

“We have a huge capacity to store this material on site, so appropriate donations are very welcome to help with our mission of rescuing and rehabilitating sick and injured black cockatoos.”

Sam said any further material which was unable to be used on site would be offered to other rescue centres to ensure none went to waste.

Timber was also provided to the City of Mandurah and Winjan Corporation for different purposes.

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