Denny Avenue Level Crossing Removal

Removing level crossings from Perth’s road and rail network will increase the safety of people walking, cycling and driving in the area, as well as reduce road congestion and revitalise local communities. 

The joint Federal and State funded project to remove the Denny Avenue level crossing is METRONET’s first, with works due to begin in 2019. 

The Denny Avenue crossing will close with an alternative east/west connection built at Davis Road.  The Davis Road grade separation will provide safer and quicker access between Albany Highway and Railway Avenue. 

The Denny Avenue level crossing removal is a priority due to risk taking behaviour of road users who cross the tracks while the boom gates are down or descending.  

 Level crossing safety risks increase when road users become frustrated by extended queues at boom gates.  Denny Avenue has an average closure time of one minute and 44 seconds per session and a total average closure of three hours and 7 mins per day.  If the crossing remains open, this is expected to increase to three hours and 34 mins per day by 2031.